Case Study

This page introduces our customer comments and case studies of introduction of products and solutions.
    Please find our case studies of introduction of products and services.
    These typical cases are from the projects worldwide last few years we have done for all kinds of industries.

Sludge Dewatering & Thickening

Multi-Disk Screw Press

Municipal Food Processing Chemical Plant Machinery
Pharmaceutical Industry Petroleum Refinery Dairy Field Palm Oil
Solid-liquid Separator

Livestock Construction Food Waste Sewer
Waste Recycle Industry

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Inquiries about
Products & Services

  • Sludge Dewatering Press & Thickener
  • Sludge Advanced Dewatering(Electroosmosis)
  • Sludge Dryer & Sludge Incineration
  • Membrane Technology
  • Mechanical Pre-treatment Products
  • Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
  • Other Wastewater Treatment Products
  • Material Request

Inquiries about
Maintenance & Repair

  • Inspections of facilities
  • Repairs of sludge treatment systems
  • 24-hour maintenance
  • Installation guide
  • MBR system on-site cleaning instructions
  • Parts replacement guide
  • Material Request

Inquiries about
Wastewater Solutions

  • Solutions for Sludge Treatment
  • Solutions for Wastewater Pre-treatment & Secondary Treatment
  • Solutions for Biological Wastewater Treatment (Membrane Technology)
  • Solutions for Slaughterhouses and the Meat Processing Industry
  • Solutions for Dairies
  • Solutions for Breweries & Beverage
  • Material Request