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WAVE Solid-liquid Separator

WAVE dewatering press is a solid-liquid separator machine with self-cleaning function by slits opposite continuous rotation, no vibration and noises.

WAVE Separator Introduction

No clogging and backwash
Solid-liquid separation and self-cleaning are carried out simultaneously by slits opposite continuous rotation.

Stable treatment capacity
Continuous cleaning process avoids the problem of treatment capacity reduction in other type dewatering machines.

Large transport load
Smooth rotation in a wave-shape of oval discs enables high transportload.

Easy maintenance
Since structure is quite simple, maintenance is also very easy.

Play a vital role in various solid-liquid separation projects
Slit width can be adjusted to maximize its role according to different treatment targets and treatment purposes.



Minimum opening slit produced is 0.5 mm. Non-standard specifications also available. As a solid-liquid separator “WAVE dewatering press” designer and producer before and after tools also available, please feel free to contact us.
Note1: wastes used in this experiment were; (vegetables, fish and meat, crushing was done by food processor) 600 Kg and 400 L water were used.
Note2: Maximum slit opening was used 1.0 mm, crushed parts were collected.