Mobile Sludge Dewatering

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Mobile Sludge Dewatering System

What troubles you?
In the year of 2012 in China, there was no compact sludge dewatering equipment suitable for small-scale wastewater treatment facilities such like septic tanks in public toilets, school or CBD. As for septic tanks, it had been common that sludge was disposed by tanker truck and sent to sludge dewatering facilities for post treatment. For that reason, the annual sludge disposal cost was extremely high, which had been a major issue among user and maintenance service company. Even more, during transport, the odor troubles people living around and make the delivery cost pretty high. Government found Benenv and asked if we can find a right way to solve this trouble.
The local government explained this issue to us and they found us to help government solve this issue, Benenv developed a mobile sludge dewatering system to solve this problem. Upon their request, Benenv, having originally had sludge dewatering press for mobile sludge dewatering system, succeeded in the development of CDS-312 model with its throughput 100~200 kg-DS/h, after a long standing research and experiments. Speaking of the new CDS-312 model, not only the throughput is suitable for small-scale business building, public toilets, schools, but it also requires very small footprint and very smart to be mounted on a small truck. Also, the operating cost of this new model is extremely low and the cost difference becomes salient when it is compared with other conventional sludge dewatering systems.

Working Principle
According to each sewage treatment factory’s requests, mobile sludge dewatering system can be moved from site to site and used to dewater the sludge in the sludge tank of sewage treatment factory. During operation, fist open the integrated polymer feed device to mix the polymer completely; then pumping the sludge from the sludge tank to the mixing & flocculated tank of screw press, then, the sludge exist hybrid reaction with the flocculating agent which is fed by dosing pump, after the alum is formed, the sewage gets into the main body of screw dehydrator; after being condensed in the thickening parts, the sewage is fed into the dewatering unit to be dehydrated. After dewatering, the sludge cake is transported, and the filtrate returned to the sewage treatment system to be processed again.

Mobile dewatering truck reduced their sludge disposal cost by 1/3, even if the operating cost is included. Also, the longstanding issue which user and maintenance service company had before was resolved with the solution of this system. In addition, the filtrate can be disposed to municipal network (SS is removed 99%, BOD is removed 98.5%, COD is removed 99.7%) for further treatment and the sludge cake will be collected and reuse as fertilizer. At this time in 2016, there are more than 60 units of CDS-312 model, which are operating in China.
● It can be of service for small scale sewage treatment factories.
● Completed Enclosure, No Odor.
● Low noise, Low Power Consumption, Compact Design,
● Less wearing parts, Easy to operate &Maintain.
● Fully-automatic Control ,continuous operation, Easy to operate & Maintain
● Smart Design, Easy to move, More Convenient.