Integrated Sludge Treatment

Focus on the sludge treatment and wastewater treatment. Benenv is able to offer our customers integrated sludge and sewage treatment solutions as design, equipment supply, and technology innovation.

Integrated Sludge Treatment

Sludge Thickening
  KDS Thickening Machine is the world best thickening machine with clog-free and self-cleaning functions.
No clogging and backwash
Solid-liquid separation and self-cleaning are carried out simultaneously by slits opposite continuous rotation.

Stable treatment capacity
Continuous cleaning process avoids the problem of treatment capacity reduction in other type dewatering machines.

Large transport load
Smooth rotation in a wave-shape of oval discs enables high transportload.

Easy maintenance
Since structure is quite simple, maintenance is also very easy.

Play a vital role in various solid-liquid separation projects
Slit width can be adjusted to maximize its role according to different treatment targets and treatment purposes.

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Sludge Dewatering
    MDS Dewatering Machine is clog-free and very suitable for oily sludge.
● Enclosed to minimize odors and noise
● Very low wash water usage(1/8 compared with belt press)
● Very low power consumption(1/20 compared with centrifuge)
● High cake solids
● Minimal operator requirement
● Easy to operate and maintain
● Auto start-up, run and shutdown
● Touch screen operation optional
● Sludge Flow and Cake Monitoring System
● Available with many other options like Dairy, Palm Oil, etc.

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Sludge drying system
The equipment adopts hot air direct contact method to dry the sludge. With the high-speed rotation of disintegrating shaft inside the equipment, sludge adhesive problem can be solved totally. Water content in sludge can be reduced to below 20%, with total quantity decreased by 78%. Dried sludge is with uniform quality and small particle size (around 1-5mm), can be used as fuel after certain treatment.
● No bound issue
● High thermal capacity coefficient
● High thermal efficiency
● Controllable water content in products
● Simple operation, easy maintenance
● Energy saving, low running cost

Sludge Drying &Carbonization Integrated System
Sludge drying and carbonization integrated solution can reduce the water content in sludge from 80% to 0%, total quantity reduced by more than 85%, thus realizing the minimization, harmless, stabilization, and reclamation sludge.

● No bound issue
● Sludge volume and total quantity reduced by over 85%
● No emission of harmful gas
● Very low running cost, heat recyclable
● Harmless carbonized products with various usages