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    About Us

    Jiangsu Benenv Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Has always been adhering to the fate of continuously creating values for customers, and is committed of becoming a World-Class solution provider for waste treatment and recycling. Benenv provide design, engineering, supply and installation of environmental projects. The company possesses complete sets of process design, equipment supply, constructions, and technology innovation. We have various experiences in wastewater treatment, industrial & domestic. After years of research, development and testing, Benenv Environmental has developed the elliptical Wave Separator & the Multi Disk Screw Press for sludge dewatering, The super sludge dryer, The sludge carbonization furnace, The high temperature vertical fermentation tank, and the mobile treatment types with independent intellectual property rights. A series of overall solutions for the waste treatment are protected, currently with 12 invention patents and more than 30 utility model patents.


    More than 10 years' experience in environmental protection industry


    More than 4,500 successful cases worldwide


    Won more than 60 national patents


    More than 100 cooperative enterprises

    Products Shared in more than 60 Countries

    At present, our products have exclusive agents in France, the United States, Canada, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East, India, etc., has more than 4500 installations in more than 60 countries, and has become the sludge dewatering benchmark in Asia. We have international certificates such as ISO9001:2015, CE certificate.

    Company Culture

    Development History

    • 2011

      • Moving From Japan & Hardworking to establish the manufacturing in China
    • 2012

      • Successful development and production of the multi disc screw press sludge dewatering.Wide international sales network from USA to Malaysia
    • 2013

      • Wholly owned the Japanese subsidiary Creating the business model of Made in China + Overseas sales, The dewatering equipment become the largest market share in Malaysia

      • Strategic relation with Kendensha Co. Ltd. and starting the manufacturing of the wave separator exclusively in China factory

    • 2014

      • Successful Development and production of the interlocked sludge drying and carbonization system.
      • Successful development and production of the mobile sludge dewatering system.
      • Successfully signed international agencies for Benenv product such Poland, France USA … to accelerate the strategic growth of the international market share
    • 2015

      • Responding to the cyanobacteria outbreak at Taihu lake, using the IOT system to monitor & treat the blue algae.
      • Reward of 6 Millions RMB to continuous improvement of scientific researches  technological achievement in Jiangsu Province
    • 2016

      • Ranked Top 1 exporter of the dewatering equipment in China.
      • Successful development and production of the intelligent fermentation tank.
      • The Overseas sales volume of exceeded the 500 sets in more than 30 countries.
    • 2017

      • Strategic transformation to enter the field of the livestock & poultry manure treatment with the public sector
      • Establishing Business school, engaged in the environmental field, to guarantee talented people for the continuous environmental protection.
      • Awarded the engineering and execution of the hazardous waste treatment project of YKK steel rope industry.
    • 2018

      • Signing the first project for the utilization of animal manure resources in Zhijiang, to build the first environmental complex.
      • First introduction of the most advanced organic waste recycling technology from South Korea, to support the huge volume of livestock manure treatment.
    • 2019

      • Another successful project in Suiping city to build their own environmental treatment complex
      • Adopting new strategy: Benenv Environmental intelligent product + pastoral investment + Operation of the complexes.
      • Leading a 3 years Sci-tech environmental plan for Changzhou city.
    • 2020

      • Yixing rural pastoral urban and rural environmental complex project.
      • Awarded the Nanjing river dredging project, and nominated as the best dredging solution
      • Officially launching the Benenv Smart manufacturing model.
    • 2022

      • Wholly owned strategic office in United Arab Emirates, The world business hub, merging East and West, for overseas customer care and support.
    • Future targets

      • Adopting the “Two-Wheels-Drive” Business strategy
      • In the next 10 years, 100 cities in China will have their own rural environmental complex.
      • Continuous improvement to stay the benchmark of manufacturing and developing environmental treatment equipment.
      • Sustain of the world class company level.
      • Become a model practitioner of the “Two mountains’ Theory.
      • Being the leader and the influencer for a clean and beautiful world.

      Business Model

         Japanese Technology
      Made in China (Lower cost advantage)
      Professional Overseas sales network

      • Benenv Co. Ltd. is an Original Equipment Manufacturer for many international companies. We share our technologies in more than 60 countries such like France, USA, Canada, Poland, Belgium, Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle East, Africa, India, Vietnam, Latin America ….


      More than 60 national Patents

        Inspiring and Motivational Workplace

        Factory Conditions

        VIP Customers

        Service Support

        Pre-Sale Professional Service team

        Before buying the products, our sales staff and engineers will provide users all-round consulting services and help to choose the most suitable type, based on the requirements.

        Quick Response Ability

        As responding to customer’s inquiries, feedbacks and questions, we will give customers a satisfactory answer or arrangements as soon as possible, solve the problems on time, ensure the machine to operate continuously and effectively.

        Japanese Quality

        BENENV is always focusing on independent technology innovation. We have our own Japanese branch company “Japan BENENV Co., Ltd”, which is technology research and design center and also help headquarters to do the Japanese Quality Control. BENENV has strong capability of technical development and manufacturing. The manufacturing department has standardized production workshop. At present, our company has formed a completed manufacturing system including mechanical processing, welding, heating processing, assembling, inspection, etc. Meanwhile, our company has a group of Japanese environment engineers and mechanical engineers with rich practical experience. Moreover, we have established completed process control and management system and implemented the ISO 9001:2015 system. All Benenv products have the CE certification.

        Professional In-sale Service

        When buying the products, we can provide you with professional In-sale Service, including product selection, process optimization, sample analysis, field test and design.

        Completed After-sale Service

        After buying our products, customers can enjoy BENENV’s completed after-sale service.Installation and commission on-site Equipment operator training One year free warranty.

        Global Sales Network

        Overseas Customers: Australia, Canada, France, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia,Mongolia, Thailand, Ukraine, India,etc.

        There are more than 4500 overseas cases located across the globe and in more than 60 countries. Most cases are located in the Southeast Asian countries. Our products are of high quality and well received by customers.