Fujian Scavenger Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Fuzhou, Fujian/China
The company purchased a BMT-150 carbonization furnace to treat livestock and poultry manure mixed with inorganic sludge to realize resource treatment and reuse. The company’s original treatment cost was ¥800/ton. Due to the high calorific value of livestock manure, it can be realized Self-balancing of energy consumption, no need to supplement additional heat energy, and additional treatment of other inorganic sludge. The overall reduction rate reaches 69%. The average treatment fee per ton is only 20kW for electricity and 1 ton for water, which can save more than ¥770. 
  • Device model::


  • Type of sludge treated::
    livestock and poultry
    manure + inorganic
  • Processing capacity: :
  • Project Date: :
    October 2017
  • Inlet water content: :
  • Organic matter content in the mud::
  • Absolute dry heating value: :
    2750 kcal/kg
  • Moisture content of sludge::
  • Organic matter content in the mud::
  • Reduction rate: :

Treatment effect comparison :

Before treatment

After treatment