Benenv Co., Ltd

Benenv Co., Ltd specializes in the sludge treatment and wastewater treatment, offer sludge and wastewater treatment solutions worldwide, also Benenv can provide design, engineering, supply and installation of domestic and commercial water, wastewater, sludge and sewage treatment systems, and another environmental engineering.

Technological innovation leads the industry

In the years of development, a vibrant marketing management team and an experienced Japanese technical team have been formed. The founder, Chairman Jiang Zihou, has stayed in Japan for ten years and has environmental protection in mind. Leveraging 40 years of environmental protection technology, Japanese old engineer Mr. Kazuhiko Kawazu and Japanese thermal expert Mr. Nobuo Yamamoto led a group of aspiring and hard-working young teams. National entrepreneurship. The team members include highly-skilled talents studying in Japan and France, as well as postgraduates majoring in environmental engineering and environmental science from 985 and 211 colleges in China. The talent echelon is highly technical and complementary.


More than 10 years' experience in environmental protection industry


More than 3,000 successful cases worldwide


Won more than 60 national patents


More than 100 cooperative enterprises
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    Awards and Plaques for Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.