Blue-green Algae Dewatering

Blue-green Algae Dewatering

Product Description

The mobile sludge dewatering system is a new sludge treatment product designed for the existing equipment in the sludge treatment market for some special occasions such as complex environment, unstable sludge volume, and temporary.

This product is aimed at the defects of high energy consumption, high investment cost, large volume, difficult to move, low degree of automation, complicated operation, dirty working environment, etc. of existing dewatering equipment on the market. The stacked screw sludge dewatering machine is popular in the market. Based on the company's advanced technology of sludge treatment equipment and research and development products. The sludge cake treated by this sludge dewatering machine has a low moisture content and does not require the addition of inorganic agents such as lime, which completely avoids secondary pollution.<br />In order to meet the needs of customers, Binuo Environmental Protection has developed a mobile sludge dewatering device based on the stacked screw sludge dewatering machine and the oval stacked sludge dewatering machine. It is equipped with a feeding system, a large particle interception pretreatment system, and a sewage sludge dewatering machine. Sludge pumps, sludge dehydrators, automatic dosing devices, deodorizing systems, pipelines, electronic control systems, container shells, mobile frames, etc., can be equipped with diesel generator sets if necessary to become a movable sewage Mud treatment workshop.

Appearance video

Fine workmanship, beautiful products, whole body stainless steel, frosting process, pay attention to details, only do boutique.


Use Nissei or Nord brand reducers, industrial quality from Japan and Germany.
Mud inlet

Mud inlet

The round-hole screen is used to prevent large particles and garbage from entering the dehydration body, reducing machine wear and improving machine service life.
7-shaped blade

7-shaped blade

The mixing is more complete and the flocculation effect is better.
Industry standard wiring

Industry standard wiring

The mixing is more complete and the flocculation effect is better.

Process flow


Layout plan



1. Miniaturization and high performance

The stacked screw-type sludge dewatering machine is characterized by small footprint, large processing capacity, continuous operation for 24 hours, fully automated control, almost no manual operation, low power, low noise, and good processing effect.

2. Good operating economy

The equipment investment cost is low, or even zero investment, the operation cost is low, and the motorized transportation can go wherever you want, and it has a good operating economy.

3. Wide range of application

This machine has a wide range of applications. The moving ring in the filter gap is constantly creeping, and the gap will not be blocked. It can be used for some conventional sludge with a solid content of 0.2%-5%.

4. Mobility

In response to special requirements, the container vehicle-mounted design is adopted, and the processing area of ​​one equipment can be radiated to all parts of the country, which can be called mobile sludge.

5. Simple operation and easy maintenance

The mechanism is simple, and there are few testing parts, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. In actual production, the operator can use the touch (touch) operation panel to perform production operations.

6. Product quality assurance

With good after-sales service and training, as well as POP cooperation mode, users do not need to purchase equipment. We directly send equipment to the site to treat the sludge. After the treatment is completed, it will be returned to our company.

Parameters and selection

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