Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser

Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser

Product Description

The micro-porous aerator adopts energy-saving design, low installation cost, high reliability and excellent performance in intermittent and continuous aeration process. Precision drilling is conducive to efficient oxygen transmission and utilization: In order to meet the specifications of aeration system, different drilling modes can be used to adjust working pressure, such as different slit length, distance and drilling density. Different standards and special diaphragm materials with borehole diameters between 184 and 295 mm are prepared for wide application.
Microporous aerator uses EPDM for municipal sewage; low plasticized EPDM: suitable for animal slaughtering, food processing, and industrial wastewater produced by beverage production; silicone rubber: suitable for pulp and paper industry, petrochemical and refining processing industrial wastewater.
All diaphragm materials are designed to prevent clogging surfaces based on nanotechnology to prevent solid and biological crusts.

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Fine workmanship, beautiful products, whole body stainless steel, frosting process, pay attention to details, only do boutique.


Use Nissei or Nord brand reducers, industrial quality from Japan and Germany.
Mud inlet

Mud inlet

The round-hole screen is used to prevent large particles and garbage from entering the dehydration body, reducing machine wear and improving machine service life.
7-shaped blade

7-shaped blade

The mixing is more complete and the flocculation effect is better.
Industry standard wiring

Industry standard wiring

The mixing is more complete and the flocculation effect is better.

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Technical Performance Parameters

Product Features

1、Each aeration system using customized
2、The continue upgrading of product quality
3、Perfect customer service support system
4、Professional project management team to ensure each project is completed on time to the best quality
5、The aeration film substrate having modified polyurethane,s silicone rubber EPDM inthree kinds of rubber materials and all kinds of different specifications of the diaphragm, using an extrusion technology to product ,for any a aeration brand replaced with diaphragm
6、A rubble diaphragm adopts the mechanical hole
7、The vertical film texture " workers" -shaped hole

Product Application

1.Aeration of fishpond and other applications
2.Aeration of deep aeration basin
3.Aeration for excreta and animal waste water treatment plant
4.Aeration for denitrification/dephosphorization aerobic processes
5.Aeration for high concentration waste water aeration basin,and aeration for regulating pond of waste water treatment plant
6.Aeration for SBR,MBBR reaction basin,contact oxidation pond;activated sludge aeration basin in sewage disposal plant

Packing and Delivery

Bubble pack and five- layer hard carton package for disc membrane disc fine bubble diffuser

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