Aerobic Composting Tank

Aerobic Composting Tank

Product Description

The organic fertilizer is produced from all the organic wastes. Anything that comes from the nature, like livestock excreta, garbage, discarded cooking oil is converted into the high-quality organic fertilizer. The valuable organic fertilizers are produced by processing the organic wastes having no utility value.

This equipment is a structure with emphasis on durability and insulation. The 3-layered heat insulating material which is reliable and conformed to all the environments is used as wall material.
Deodorization is easy. As for the exhaust, the batch processing can be done in the leak-proof structure.It is possible to set it up in little space. Huge area is not required for the set-up as the structure is upright.The operating time is significantly reduced. The automation is possible except at the time of ejection and insertion

Company Profile

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Fine workmanship, beautiful products, whole body stainless steel, frosting process, pay attention to details, only do boutique.


Use Nissei or Nord brand reducers, industrial quality from Japan and Germany.
Mud inlet

Mud inlet

The round-hole screen is used to prevent large particles and garbage from entering the dehydration body, reducing machine wear and improving machine service life.
7-shaped blade

7-shaped blade

The mixing is more complete and the flocculation effect is better.
Industry standard wiring

Industry standard wiring

The mixing is more complete and the flocculation effect is better.

Technological Prnciple

The waste (livestock and poultry manure, kitchen waste, domestic sludge, etc.), biomass (straw and sawdust, etc.) and reflux materials are mixed evenly in a certain proportion to make the moisture content reach 60% - 65% and then enter the aerobic fermentation system. By adjusting the moisture, oxygen content and temperature changes of the raw materials, the materials are fully aerobic fermentation decomposed. The heat released in the decomposition process can make As the temperature of sludge increases, the maximum temperature can reach 80%. With the increase of temperature, the moisture of materials is evaporated, and some organic matters are decomposed, so that the volume is reduced and the purpose of reduction is achieved. The Intelligent Composting System controls the temperature at 55-60 ℃ (the most suitable temperature for fermentation) through ventilation, oxygenation, agitation and other functions to achieve the best temperature for fermentation treatment of materials. At this temperature, it can make a large number of pathogenic bacteria and parasites in the material heap die. At the same time, the biological deodorization system is used to deodorize the discharged gas to achieve harmless treatment Goals. The materials after high temperature aerobic fermentation can be used for soil improvement, landscaping, landfill and covering soil, and processing into organic fertilizer and other products.

Finite Element Analysis

Show Case


1、Analogue simulation
The simulation of fermentation tank is carried out, and the structural stress analysis of all parts of the tank is carried out. When the fermenter is used for different materials, it can predict in advance and change the corresponding structure to ensure the stable operation of each fermenter.
2、Long service life
The designed service life is up to 10 years. We adopt multiple insurance settings for the main shaft of fermentation tank to ensure that all fermentation tanks can operate stably for a long time.
3、Closed treatment system
The whole fermentation tank is sealed, and the odor generated in the fermentation process is easy to collect.
4、Temperature maintaining device
When the temperature is too high or too low, our fermentation tank will start the aeration device to maintain the temperature. What we use is an integrated heater, not a simple resistance wire heating. Our temperature can be set.

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