Fully Automatic | For Chemicals Preparation & Dosing

Product Description

The HTJY Chemicals/Polymers preparation and dosing system, is an automatic continuous process, dedicated for the preparation of chemicals used in the water and wastewater treatment. It dissolve dry chemical/polymer powder or can be customized to dilute concentrated solutions. The HTJY is generally made from SS304, and from SS316 or HDPE for low pH and special chemicals.

Product Structure

Working Process:

  • Controlled by the electrical panel, the system can run in Automatic or manual mode. In Automatic cycle, when the level of the solution is low, and the rotary sensor of the powder detect a full hopper, the water solenoid valve is activated and the powder feeding system starts, leading to pre-mixing in a cyclonic movement before entering the first mixing tank.
  • The HTJY tank is divided into three compartment: mixing tank, maturation tank, and service tank. Each one has its own mixing device, to assure total dissolution of the chemical powder.
  • The mixers are in continuous stirring action in order to assure an homogenous solution before delivery. The dosing or pumping system is easily connected to the HTJY, with special protection from dry run. The system provided continuous ready solution.