Dewatering of livestock manure

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SIn the early days of traditional animal husbandry production, individual farms were the main source of farming, and individual farms’ livestock and poultry farms were few, and the manure produced by them was relatively small. By the mid-1980s, due to the constraints of my country’s natural resources, The development of livestock production can only be achieved through the intensified use of resources. The production of livestock has a trend of intensification and concentration. Some places encourage large-scale livestock and poultry farming as an important way to adjust the industrial structure and increase farmers’ income. A number of intensive or factory livestock farms have emerged in large cities and suburbs. After more than 20 years of development, the scale of livestock and poultry farming has become larger and larger, and the degree of production intensive has become higher and higher, and it has become increasingly disconnected from the planting industry. Na, there is a processing problem.


Treatment process

Livestock and poultry manure is rich in organic matter and nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It can also supply various minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur required by crops to meet the needs of various nutrients during crop growth. Need, its reasonable low-cost treatment method and resource utilization are the best way out of livestock manure.
This program is customized for the dehydration of urine foam in livestock and poultry manure.

Characteristic analysis

1. High fiber content

Livestock and poultry manure contains a lot of fibrous materials such as hair and feathers. When the screw extrusion method is used for dehydration, it is easy to cause the blockage of some dehydration equipment.

2. More impurities

When collecting livestock and poultry manure, it will contain rocks, sand and other hard and difficult to separate impurities. Poultry manure is especially large. When dehydrated, it is easy to cause equipment jams or other mechanical damage, which affects the service life of the equipment.

3. Strong corrosiveness

The breeding conditions of livestock and poultry manure and the collection conditions of manure make its composition relatively complex. It is easy to produce fermentation during its stacking and transportation, which will produce a large amount of acidic corrosive substances, corrode equipment, and affect the service life of equipment.

4. With foul smell

The malodor of livestock and poultry manure itself and related malodorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and ammonia produced during fermentation make it relatively high for gas collection and treatment. Moreover, operating personnel working in this environment for a long time may cause damage to the health of the personnel.

Special models for dewatering of livestock and poultry manure
Ellipsoidal dewatering machine

Aiming at the characteristics of livestock and poultry manure and urine bubble manure, tailor-made special models are dedicated to solving the best solution for the resource disposal of livestock and poultry manure.

Technical characteristics

Closed top feed

1. Convenient feeding
The upper feeding mode can be combined with the front-end conveying to realize continuous automatic processing, which not only saves the cost of storage equipment, but also facilitates the operation of personnel.
2. Clean and sanitary
The closed body prevents garbage leakage and affects the cleanliness of the processing environment. At the same time, it is convenient for supporting equipment such as deodorization.
Elliptical disc extrusion dehydration
1. Never block
The elliptical disc continuously rotates between the grid bars to realize the self-cleaning of the filter gap; the air cylinder is squeezed at a constant pressure, automatically releasing the pressure, and will never be blocked.
2. Large handling capacity
The material is transported forward through the rotation of the disc, which has a strong handling capacity for materials such as livestock and poultry manure and rapid dehydration, which effectively reduces the fermentation of materials in the dehydration equipment.
3. Strong wear resistance
After a small amount of hard impurities enter the equipment, the equipment transports it forward, which can avoid mechanical damage caused by this, and has strong durability.
4. High dehydration efficiency
The array composed of 11~14 rows of discs has a large retention space, which not only ensures the dewatering efficiency of sludge, but also reduces the phenomenon of sludge running due to excessive extrusion.
SS301L hexagonal bar
The hexagonal rod drive shaft drives the disc to rotate for a long time, and the inner hole of the disc is not deformed after the disc is stressed, which ensures the accuracy of the disc rotation and avoids the situation of the disc jam.
The SS301L material improves the toughness of the drive shaft, provides sufficient squeezing force for the material, and ensures that the shaft itself is not worn or broken.
Overall stainless steel material
Except for the hexagonal bar, all sheet metal materials of the equipment are made of SS304, which ensures that the equipment will not be corroded during long-term operation.
Fully automated continuous operation
The PLC controls the automatic operation of the equipment, and automatically adjusts the operation according to the control conditions. The continuous feeding and discharging mode of the equipment can keep the materials in and out continuously, realize unattended operation, improve operation efficiency, and protect the health and safety of operators.

Case show

A breeding center in Zhejiang