• Wave Separator OA2


    Rotary Drum Screen

    Filter gap 1~5 mm



Product Description

Reliable and effective filtration machinery, widely applicable to municipal sewage, industrial sewage and service water treatment wedge grid grille.

  • Three-in-one function for filtering residue, transferring and pressing
  • Integrated filter residue washing function
  • Numerous domestic and foreign installation cases

Design and Function

The equipment is installed at an angle of 35 °. Sewage flows into the grid basket from the opening of the end face of the grille, and scum, sediment and suspended solids will be intercepted by wedge-shaped grids or a circular mesh.The slag on the grid basket has a carpet effect, which further improves the filtration and separation efficiency.

When the water level behind the front and rear of the filter device reaches a certain water level difference, the device is started, the grid waste is lifted by the rotation of the grid basket, and the grid waste is discharged into the central hopper with the help of a scraper brush and a washing rod. There is a transport screw in the central chute. During the transportation in the central tube, the grid waste is squeezed and dewatered, and then discharged into the subsequent transport equipment or container. The whole process is clean and free of odour.

Low-head Loss | High Separation Efficiency

The shape of the grid basket and the installation angle of 35° make the filtering area much larger than the vertical or large-angle grid, so the low-head is minor, the separation efficiency is high, and the processing capacity is large.

All stainless steel

The machine is made of stainless steel and treated with acid passivation to prevent corrosion and to reduce maintenance work.

Forced filtering

Sewage enters from the opening of the equipment and will only be discharged after being filtered through a screen, and all the grid waste to be filtered is intercepted.

Multifunctional in one system

The OA2 series grille has grid slag filtration, transfer, flushing and dewatering functions in a single compact unit. Additional closures ensure that no odor escapes during operation of the entire unit.

Outdoor installation

Outdoor installation of OA2 series grille can be equipped with anti-freeze protection device, and additional isolation measures can be added if necessary.


The design of the OA2 series grille allows for subsequent improvements and configuration updates if necessary. Both the screening device and the integrated grid cleaning system can be configured later.

Low maintenance workload

Just check and inspect regularly.


Technical Performance Parameters

Technical Performance Parameters