• Wave Separator OA9


    Rotary Drum Screen

    Filter gap 3~5 mm



Product Description

For small and medium flow sewage filtration

  • Equipped with built-in sieve crushing and washing
  • Can be installed in canals and cabinets
  • Optional configuration for outdoor installation (heating insulation style)

Design and Function

The equipment is installed at an angle of 35°. Sewage flows into the sieve from the opening of the end face of the grille. Scum, sediment and suspended solids will be intercepted by the screen .The waste on the grid is lifted up through the closed screw elevator, dewatered, pressed and transferred to the discharge opening over the bin.

The OA9 series grille works in a unique way, which can concentrate the filtering, washing, transportation, pressing and dewatering functions in one device. Depending on the selected screen pitch / pore size and mechanical specifications (screen basket diameters up to 700 mm), it can be adapted to various applications and processing flows. The machine can be installed in the box.Can also be installed directly in the water channel.

Main Feature

  • Low investment costs
  • Quick and easy installation,also suitable for project reconstruction
  • Reliable self-cleaning with sturdy spirals and wear-resistant brushes
  • All stainless steel, long service life, nomaintenance required
  • Fully enclosed, no odour overflow
  • Set filter residues to flush and dewater, reducing subsequent disposal costs of filter residues


  • Low investment costs
  • Reliable self-cleaning with sturdy spirals and wear-resistant brushes
  • Fully enclosed, no odour overflow
  • Set filter residues to flush and dewater, reducing subsequent disposal costs of filter residues
  • Quick and easy installation,also suitable for project reconstruction
  • All stainless steel, long service life, no maintenance required
  • Optional configuration for outdoor installation (heating insulation style)

Technical Performance Parameters

Technical Performance Parameters