Integrated BN-MBBR Series

    Single set handling capacity 25~250 m3/day

    Low energy consumption | High efficiency | Intelligent integration

Product Description

Aiming at the weak point & the treatment methods of domestic sewage in villages & towns, Benenv developed an economic low energy consumption unit, the intelligent BN-MBBR series of products, through technological innovation, scientific design & high end manufacturing. Many improvement & upgrades are applied to the new series, to achieve standardization, large production scale, maximum efficiency, lower power consumption & intelligent management.The units are stupendous, decorative & easily merged with the environment, gives people a visual enjoyment.

Scope of Applications


The main process of the new developed BN-MBBR integrated sewage treatment equipment adopts a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), mainly applied in small scale decentralized domestic sewage treatment plants.With low power consumption design and various integrated technological innovations, makes the BN-MBBR a high end product.

  • A2OMBBR sewage treatment technology with enhanced phosphorus removal function
  • MBBR filler intercept anti-resection technology
  • Hydraulic form optimization technology
  • Split MBBR device insulation technology
  • AOMBBR Technology for treating river water with low concentration of Ammonia Nitrogen
  • BN-MBBR high efficiency suspension filler technology
  • Mixed liquid non-powered reflux technology
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption aeration technology

Process Flow

Influent & Effluent Design Water Quality

  • The influent water quality is typical village & town domestic sewage.
  • The effluent water quality meets the standard of the urban wastewater treatment plant (GB-18918-2002 effluent water quality)

Structural Design

Equipment Specifications


1- (*) Represent the length of 2 units, (**) represent the length of 1 unit.

2- The above table is the selection specification parameters of the standard above ground integrated BN-MBBR. In case of buried or semi-buried system, please contact us for consultation.

3- Benenv environmental protection reserves the right to optimize and to modify the above equipment selection.


Anti Corrosion Quality Assurance

  • The system body adopts marine container anti-corrosion standards, and the service life is more than 20 years