• Inlet Grille


    Less land occupation  |  Easy to operate


The internal flow screen grille decontamination machine is used to intercept and remove smaller diameter suspended dirt and particulate impurities in the supply and drainage systems, and further remove the dirt in the water source after the coarse grille treatment. The whole machine has a compact structure, takes up less space, is easy to install and easy to operate. Considering the maintenance, repair and extended service life of the equipment, no mechanical parts are installed underwater to avoid unnecessary mechanical failure.


This series of products is very reliable, stable and effective in decontamination and filtering machinery and equipment in the application of municipal sewage treatment and water treatment, and various types of industrial sewage treatment, as well as other solid-liquid separation applications.


    • High capture rate: unique water inlet method to ensure efficientcapture of various fine grid slag.
    • Large flow rate: The single-channel grid plate's over-water design greatly improves the over-water flow and reduces head loss.
    • Machine installation: no need to change the original civil structure, suitable for the upgrade of old equipment.
    • Easy maintenance: plug-in installation of the grid plate for easy removal and replacement.
    • Space saving: Vertical installation, effective spacesaving.
    • Smooth running, light vibration and low noise.

Structure and Function

The main structure of the internal flow type grille: filter orifice plate, sprocket chain, main frame, Flushing rods, clean rotating brushes and filter residue collection arts, grille housings, drive motors, system seals, etc.

Filtration principle: The sewage to be filtered enters the interior of the grille from the middle of the grille inlet frame of the perforated plate. The sewage flows out of the perforated plate from both sides of the grille, and suspended matter such as filter residue, hair, and fibres are trapped on the inner wall of the perforated plate. When the filter orifice plate is running, the material trapped on the innerwall is lifted up to the top, and a pressure flushing water rod isprovided on the outer side of the top plate. The orifice plate is automatically rinsed by the pressure water, and the trapped filter residue material is washed under the inside of the orifice plate. Inside the collecting water tank, at the same time, the filter plate is re-cleaned and configuredto rotate the brush online, and the rotating brush operates in conjunction with the washing rod and mechanical rotation. For example, the washed orifice plate is cleaned again by the rotating brush, and finally, it flows from the conveying tank to the filter press for dehydration. The entire filtration process and press dehydration are carried out in a continuous, automatic state.

Installation Diagram

Technical Performance Parameters