• GCE Intelligent  Purification Unit

    GCE Intelligent
    Purification Unit

    Integrated Solution for Decentralized 
    Rural Sewage Treatment

    SMC Molding Technology | A/A/O Process

GCE Intelligent Purification Unit


The Rural domestic sewage treatment program is based on the GCE smart purification tank which the core of the treatment is biological and it is designed by Benenv Co. Ltd. The high performance of the GCE system consist of A/A/O treatment process, a result of joint studies & successful projects of the national university of bio-technology, targeting rural areas.

The treatment quality of the GCE tank conform with the national standards with guaranteed efficiency, reference to 15 years of records and development in 14 Chinese provinces & cities, servicing over 100,000 household.

Process Flow

Household effluent, including kitchen waste, black and grey waters will settle in the first sedimentation tank for solids & FOG separation. Then it will enter the GCE system, overflowing through the anaerobic pool, hypoxic pool, aerobic pool and the final settling pool. The clarified water is safe for discharge. The first settling tank and the sludge are removed every 3~6 months. The final settled sludge can be used as soil enhancer for landscaping.

* Effluent Quality:

The treatment design conform to the “A Level” standard of Jiangsu Province for rural domestic sewage treatment (DB32/T-3462-2020) ; Effluent parameters : COD < 60 mg/L, TSS < 20 mg/L.Conform to the national “urban wastewater treatment plant pollutant discharge standard (GB18918-2002), Level A effluent standard.

System Characteristics

GCE Biological Strain

The bio-solid bacteria ball is a result of studies & cooperation between Benenv R&D team, NTU academician team and a PhD team from Cambridge – UK, to improve the efficiency of the activated sludge.

It has the following characteristics:

  • High Efficiency, and large processing flux: The processing flux is 2-3 times more than the ordinary activated sludge method.

  • Very low sludge generation: The unit sewage sludge output is only 30% compared to the ordinary activated sludge method. 

  • High efficiency in total Nitrogen & phosphorus removal. 

  • Good sludge settling performance and good effluent result.

Product Model

Scope of Applications

Closed & semi-closed sensitive water sewage treatment

Suburban sewage treatment

Rural small domestic sewage treatment

Touristic and camping areas

Drinking water source protected area. Sewage treatment in ecological protected zone


Comprehensive improvement river water in Xigang Center

Using 5-persons tank – GCE-1 model (1 m3/day);

The effluent conform to the standard “Emission Standard of Pollutants for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants” (GB18918-2002) level B standard, TN & TP not assessed.

The site has dense river depressions, interlaced water systems and complex geology.

15 m3/day rural sewage treatment in Nanjing, Jiangsu province

10 m3/day Rural wastewater treatment in Gongyi, Henan

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