• Mechanical Bar Screen

    Mechanical Bar Screen

    Solid-liquid Separation / Pre-treatment Equipment

    Simple & Automated Operation / Low Energy Consumption / Low Noise
    High efficiency / Low cost / Low energy consumption / Long service life

Mechanical Bar Screen

Mechanical Bar Screen

Product Description

Mechanical Bar Screen decontamination machine is a kind of continuous automatic interception and removal of various shapes of debris in the fluid, a water treatment special equipment, mainly used in urban sewage treatment plants, municipal sewage pipe channels, water plants and power plant cooling water and other water inlets for debris separation. Also, can be used for textile, fruit, aquatic products, papermaking, winemaking, slaughtering, tanning and other industries in the production process for washing or pretreatment screening. It is an ideal solid-liquid screening equipment.

Operating Principle

Mechanical Bar Screen decontamination machine is made of ABS engineering plastic, nylon or stainless steel special type rake teeth, in a certain order of arrangement installed on the rake shaft to form a closed rake chain. The lower part of which is installed in the inlet water, when the transmission system drives the sprocket for uniform speed directional rotation, the entire rake chain will move from top to bottom, and carry solid debris separated from the liquid, the fluid flows out through the rake gap, the entire working state is continuous. 

Installation Diagram

Product Advantages

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Technical Performance Parameters

Screening Capacity