Dissolved Air Flotation

    Desalination plants, Wastewater, Rivers, Lakes &
    Sludge Lagoons Purification

Dissolved air flotation Product Description

The DAF System , high efficiency dissolved air flotation(DAF Unit) is composed of high efficient air dissolving system and designed according to the fifth-generation of solid-liquid separation technology, which make the Benenv dissolved air flotation equipment (DAF) very efficient in removing organic and inorganic suspended matters, flocs, oil and grease from sewage, wastewater ,industrial effluent, rivers purification, seawater desalination process and used in many other applications as a clarifying and purifying system.

Dissolved air flotation Principle

The terminology of dissolved air flotation in wastewater doesn’t mean what it sounds, in fact when oxygen from air is pumped into wastewater or contact with wastewater, the water molecules form bonds (Van der Waals forces) with the oxygen molecule and the oxygen molecule is “caged” by water molecules like this:

W = water O = oxygen


Air is trapped in water in micro size, and it's called dissolution (or dissolved). Micro air bubbles in Benenv high efficiency DAF size is: 5 – 8 μm The adherence of suspended solids to bubbles is easier and more intensive, the smaller the bubbles are. Because of the improved adherence capacity of small microbubbles, the saturation of the introduced air as well as the reduction capability of particles lead to an improved suspended solids reduction, a higher solids content in the float sludge and a more stable float sludge on the surface of the micro-flotation cell.

◆ DAF Separation Mechanism

◆ DAF System Process



  • Renovation project of municipal wastewater
  • Industrial wastewater reuse
  • Pre-treatment for desalination plants
  • Reclaimed water reuse
  • Clarifier for MBBR process
  • Rivers and surface water purification

DAF System Schematic Diagram

System Schematic Diagram

Dissolved air flotation Product Characteristics

  • Hydraulic load higher than 60m3/h.m2
  • Modular system, can reach the capacity of 1000T/H per set

Daf unit Model Specification

Dissolved Air Flotation System Project Cases