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Product Description

The Wave Separator is a solid-liquid separation equipment, with thickening and dewatering functions. It is a self-cleaning machine, due to the continuous synchronized rotation of special oval discs between the slits. The Wave Separator is a Sludge dewatering machine, making it a universal machine used in various applications & industries. Its design allow it to be a simple thickener for waste and wastewater from 0.5% to 10%, improving the post dewatering phase. The slits gap is adjusted according to the treatment purpose. When it’s used as a dewatering machine, the pressure plate assure a discharged cake with a minimum solid content of 25%.

Application Areas

Product Characteristics

Product Structure

  • Standard filter space is 1 mm. Customized design is available. Please feel free to contact us if pre-treatment or furthur treatment solution is required.

Working Principle

Slaughterhouse Waste Disposal Case

Slaughterhouse Waste Disposal Case


Dewatering Model

Thickener Model

Screen Model