• Human Fecal Sludge Treatment Solution

    Human Fecal Sludge
    Treatment Solution

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Human Fecal Sludge Treatment Solution

Human Fecal Sludge Treatment Solution use the new generation of excrement precision filtration system independently developed by benenv, includes mechanical pre-treatment system and the sludge dewatering system. The pre-treatment system is mainly composed of a rotary bar screen and an integrated slag removal and sand removal separator, which performs mechanical pre-treatment such as filtration and sand removal of the fecal. The sludge dehydrator module use the screw press sludge dewatering machine, to perform continuous mechanical dewatering treatment on the septic sludge treatment.And the whole system combines iot technology and sensor technology to realize intelligent control.


In general cities, a large amount of fecal and urine thick slurry will be produced in the following places: septic tanks will be set up in many residential areas, public toilets, and urban-rural border areas. Substances must be vacuumed regularly.

The average of high concentrations of fecal urine substances produced per person per day is about 2 liters.

In these slurry substances, there will be paper, stones, plastic sheets, glass bottles and other debris.

Pain Point

  • Fecal waste contains solids, fibers, and hygiene products, which can easily cause blockages to pipes and pumps.
  • Fecal waste has a distinct odor that can have a bad impact on the environment.
  • Excrement and urine have high moisture content, easy to stratify, and the concentration is unstable.
  • The fecal waste is bulky and cannot be handled directly. It needs to be cut and crushed for processing.
  • The fecal waste treatment environment is harsh, and the material requirements of the equipment are high.

Technological Process

* Solid-liquid Separation Pretreatment + Flocculation Dehydration Main Treatment

1. The fecal suction truck transports the fecal material to the fecal treatment station, and the discharge pipe of the vehicle is first connected with the fast connection port to prevent the odor from dissipating

2. he material is first pre-separated through the grid for large stones and large garbage materials (fibers, hygiene products, etc.)

3. Subsequently, it is discharged to the solid-liquid separation integration device for filtration and separation and sand removal treatment, and most of the solids and fibers in the fecal liquid are intercepted

4. The slurry discharged by the solid-liquid separation integrated device, enters the slurry regulation tank system with certain regulation and homogenization and buffer storage

5. After the homogeneous material is crushed and cut pretreated, it is lifted to the KDS dewatering integrated system by a sludge pump for dewatering treatment

Advantage Characteristics

1.   Innovative process, a new generation of fecal precision filtration system

2.   Humanized layout, convenient operation and maintenance

3.   Safe and stable operation, low energy consumption and no noise

4.   Combine Internet of things and sensor technology to realize intelligent control

— Core Equipment —

Rotary Grille

Rotary grille decontamination machine is a kind of continuous automatic interception and removal of various shapes of debris in the fluid, a water treatment special equipment, mainly used in urban sewage treatment plants, municipal sewage pipe channels, water plants and power plant cooling water and other water inlets for debris separation. Also, can be used for textile, fruit, aquatic products, papermaking, winemaking, slaughtering, tanning and other industries in the production process for washing or pretreatment screening. It is an ideal solid-liquid screening equipment.

Integrated Slag & Sand Removal Separator

The Integrated slag removal & sand separator CZPS device, mainly contains a fine grid filter and screw sand removal equipment, used to separate the large suspended solids in the feces, such as fibers, rubber, daily necessities and other materials, while the feces contains a large amount of sediment, through sand precipitation, sand capture, sand separation, the fine sand into the sand box, the separated fecal slurry from the slurry storage tank.

Wave Separator

The elliptical sludge dewatering machine is a solid-liquid separation equipment with dewatering function. Continuous rotation between gaps is carried out by continuously set of elliptical discs, so that solid-liquid separation and self-cleaning are carried out at the same time. The elliptical sludge dewatering is a patented product for a variety of applications and industries. Can concentrate the treated waste and wastewater from 0.5% to 10%, improving the dehydration stage. The gap width can be adjusted according to the different purposes and processing objects, and the maximum effect can be maximized. 


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