• Gangnam System

    Gangnam System

    Chain Plate Type Turning Fermentation System 

    Korean patented technology | 30 years of technology success |
    Achievement of more than 1000 cases

Gangnam System

This technology is an organic fertilizer production line that can create the best aerobic fermentation environment for various organic wastes and can operate at low cost by using the chain plate turning technology with a stacking height of more than 3 meters and the aeration & oxygen supply technology. By creating the best aerobic fermentation environment, natural aerobic microorganisms and thermophilic bacteria carry out high-temperature fermentation reactions, so that the temperature in the fermentation pile can reach a maximum of 70-80°C, and the height of the pile of 3 meters can effectively preserve the heat produced by fermentation. Thereby accelerating the reaction rate of aerobic fermentation.

System Features

* Large Capacity Composting Technology

The pile height can reach 3m, and the processing capacity per unit area is large! A production line with an area of only 1.5~2.3 acres can process every day. 
100~150 tons of organic waste mixture (moisture content 65%). 
Low civil investment cost, high performance.

* High-efficiency Crushing and Mixing Device

Uniquely designed scraper blade = stirring + crushing and granulation greatly improves fermentation efficiency and ventilation performance quickly breaks the bottom of the pile, and the 3m high pile slowly collapses and moves to a height of 5.5m and falls to form a height of 3m. The materials in the upper, middle, and lower parts of the pile are mixed at the same time without crushers, mixers, mixing workshops and material pre-storage space = saving project investment costs.

* High Fermentation Efficiency = Low Costs

* High Fermentation Efficiency = Low Costs Excellent heat preservation effect + sufficient oxygen supply = creating the best survival and breeding environment for local natural aerobic bacteria. Putting in the materials for 2~3 days, can achieve an aerobic fermentation reaction of 70~80 °C and can last for a long time.
Without adding any special bacteria, local natural aerobic bacteria can also effectively carry out aerobic fermentation reaction = Avoid special microbial contamination in different places and save the processing costs.
High efficiency oxygen supply and turning efficiency can effectively save treatment costs per ton = Ton processing electricity fee is lower than 60 yuan/ton.

* No Climate Affected,Stable System

Fully enclosed fermentation zone + 3m high thickness material has good insulation effect = In the cold winter (outdoor temperature minus 15~20℃), the indoor temperature can also be maintained at 20~25℃, It is not affected by the climate and operates stably throughout the year.

* Automatic Spraying Device

Part of the filtrate from solid-liquid separation or the wastewater from the deodorization system is recycled through the automatic spraying system as a water supplement to promote fermentation, to realize zero discharge of self-generated sewage from the fermentation tank.

Fermentation Process

Fermentation Operation Process

— System Introduction —

Turning System

  • A masterpiece from 30 years of developed technology.
  • Turning performance is unique.
  • Superior durability.
  • Fully automatic and intelligent operation.
  • Mixing, turning, stirring, transfer functions.

Oxygen Supply System

South Korea's patented oxygen supply pipe network;The oxygen supply pipe network covers the whole fermentation zone without dead angle (one oxygen supply point every 25 cm); The use of high-pressure blower (ultra-high pressure above 400 mBar) is maintenance-free for one-time construction and has strong durability; The hourly oxygen supply per m3 of material is not less than 3.6 m3.

Deodorization System

Energy-efficient micro-negative pressure deodorization solution; Effectively remove vapor and odor generated by the fermentation tank; According to the odor composition, it can be composed of multiple layers of deodorization.

Automatic Control System

It adopts the current domestic mainstream advanced remote automatic control system to use mobile phones, computers, and other devices, which are easy to use. The function of fermentation tank operation status monitoring and energy consumption statistics can be used for 24-hour remote monitoring of important monitoring points. Through the mobile wireless network (5G), workshop site and cloud service high-speed connection, abnormality, and fault alarm, wearing parts replacement cycle notification and other functions are monitored.

Technical Parameters