• Mobile Sludge Dewatering Plant

    Mobile Sludge
    Dewatering Plant

    Mobile Solid / Liquid Separation System

    Skid Assembly | Vehicle Mounted

    Rivers, Lakes, Wastewater, Sludge Lagoons Dredging & Dewatering

Product Description

The KRD type Solid / Liquid separation system is aimed for cleaning sediments from rivers, lakes and sludge lagoons. It is also used for some complex situations where the amount of sludge from treatment plants is unstable, and needs external intervention to dewater the extra sludge. For customers satisfaction, Benenv Environmental protection designed the system to be flexible and mobile, equipped with all necessary machines for higher efficiency of treatment. It consist of primary Solid/Liquid Separation, Automatic polymer preparation and dosing system, the Thickening and dewatering KDS, High precision self-cleaning filter and a main automated control panel. A power generator is an option for the areas where the power supply is not available.
Skid Assembly
Vehicle Mounted

Working Scenario


River cleaning if decisive because of the external pollution drained or thrown into the river, also because of the mud and sand collected all the river way, especially during winter. By time, this pollution and settle will effect the water & the Aqua-life quality, and may lead to flood.

Here’s the need of an intelligent system, to remove all kind of sediment from the river or the lake, pumping it outside for treatment, and returning the clean filtrate to the surface water back again. The collected dirt contain nutrients, and to benefit from it, it can be processed through aerobic fermentation, or even transform it to carbon based fertilizer.

Intelligent Dredging System

As the bottom suction device is small, it can be easily transported to various application sites. By using suitable lifting equipment, the device can be lifted from the transport vehicle and slowly placed on the surface water of the dredging site.
The pipes for transporting the mud is assembled in a modular manner and equipped with the required float components. Therefore, it can be installed and configured according to the actual situation on site. At the same time, these components are also the carrier of the power supply cable and provide power to the driving equipment installed on the floating boat.

Technical Advantages

  • Compact Design, Easy to Transport
  • No water discharge during dredging
  • Smell Free during Operation
  • Soft & smooth dredging, preventing bottom turbulence
  • Eco-friendly, does not effect the aquatic ecological life.

Determination of Sludge/Mud Level by Sonar Technology

System Structure

Skid Mounted Solid/Liquid Separation System

Process Flow Diagram

Technical Advantages

Advantages 01

  • Flexible & convenient customized design: Containerized, Skid assembly or Vehicle mounted.
  • The Overall design is compact, with 20-40 cubic meters processing capacity per hour, which make it high efficient and low operating cost. Its small size does not require a big heavy moving equipment.

Advantages 02

  • Using the Wave Separator G type as a pretreatment system is very effective in the primary separation of the garbage, dirt and stones collected from the bottom, before the flocculation process.

Advantages 03

  • The Wave Separator Solid/Liquid separation is a clog free system and backwash free.
  • Due to the Wave Separator advanced design, it can be used with and king of water, whatever polluted or difficult to treat.

Advantages 04

  • The usage of the precision self-cleaning filter improve the water quality before discharge to surface water.
  • As the filtrate quality is so clean, it is used internally during the polymer preparation process.

Advantages 05

The quality of water and 

the cleaning process canbe monitored

via PC or  through mobile application,