• Sludge Drying &  Carbonization system

    Sludge Drying &
    Carbonization system

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Overall Sludge Solutions

The integrated sludge drying and carbonization technology is a closed & sealed “Pyrolysis” system, under the condition of lack of oxygen, for maximum evaporation of moisture in the sludge. At the same time, the carbon value produced from the system is at its highest quality. The integrated system allows a reduction of sludge volume by 90%.


  • Drying Part: The sludge is crushed into 1-5mm particles size, directly blown by hot air at 150 ℃. The discharge sludge moisture is 25%.
  • Carbonization part: External heating sealed pyrolysis system. The temperature is adjustable between 400~600 ℃. In lack of Oxygen, the generated H2, CO, Oils, syngas… are recovered and reused in the drying system, saving energy & operating cost.
  • Integrated drying and carbonization system: high-temperature tail gas from carbonizer is reused for drying, reducing the energy consumption of dryer, then no need for an independent emission treatment for the carbonizer.

System Structure

System Structure

Advantages in Comparison

* Based on sludge cake with 80% moisture 

Final Product Usage